This was a schoolproject from year 2. What we had to do was make a dating website for mobile. This dating website had to run on a database and Express server. The project was part of the subject Backend and it was the first time we were taught that subject. Before I hadn’t worked with a server or database before so it was quite a challenge.

The datingsite HeartBeat was for anyone with the age between 18 and 30 who is looking for someone to spend the rest of his/her life with. HeartBeat focuses on someone's taste in music so the user can find someone who shares the same interests musically.

On the website the user is able to make an account, log in to an account, delete an account, edit an account and see other people’s profiles. This was all possible because all the data was stored into a MySQL database.

heartbeat login img heartbeat my profile img heartbeat matches img heartbeat match img

These are the pages the user goes through to make an account. The user answers questions about his or her taste in music to find the perfect match.

heartbeat sign up img heartbeat genre img heartbeat artist img heartbeat album img