Make Me Smile


This was a group project for school that was called Project Beyond. This was in my second year. In this project I was in a group with three classmates and the assignment was that we had to make an IOT device that ensured that the students on the Amstel Campus did not throw their cigarettes on the floor after smoking.

We had though of a solution and that was an ashtray on wheels. The ashtray would ride on the Amstelcampus square so the students wouldn’t have to walk anywhere to throw away their cigarette. We also built an app for the students that ensured that they could call the ashtray when needed.

The app was designed by my team mate and I wrote the code just using HTML and CSS. The coding wasn’t a requirement of the project but I really enjoy doing it and saw it as a good way to improve my skills. This is why I chose to do this.

make me smile first img make me smile second img make me smile third img make me smile fourth img