OBA Data Visualisation


This project came from the subject we were taught at school in the third year which was Frontend-Data. In this project we were supposed to make an interactive data visualisation. Dit had to be done using the API of OBA (Library of Amsterdam).

From the API of OBA we had to collect data from the books and think about what you could visualise out of that. I had eventually decided that I was going to look per genre what percentage of books was written by a male and what percentage of books was written by a female. So I wanted to see if the genres that people see as ‘manly’ genres were actually more written by male than by female.

This visualisation had to be built using D3. D3 was new for everyone so it was a real challenge, but I really enjoyed trying to figure it out. Other than D3 we worked with git and all our code was pushed to GitHub.

In the visualisation you can switch between high to low and low to high so you can change the order of the bars. To make it even more interactive I added that if you click on a genre, on the right side of the page you can see all the topics used for books in that genre.

frontend-data second img frontend-data third img