Kind Veilig Thuis


This project was something I had to do for school. The subject we were taught during this project was Frontend Applications. These weeks we learned how to build a website on a framework. You didn’t get to choose what framework you were going to work with. The framework I had to work with was Polymer.

What we had to build was a tool for Kind Veilig Thuis. They had a tool that was used by care providers to obtain an objective risk indication based on characteristics of the child, the parents and the household. They use the risk indication to indicate how big the risk is that the child will have to be removed from the house.

I built a better version of the tool they already had. I removed unnecessary content and made it more playful by using bright colours. Another improvement I made was that the user didn’t have to answer every question in the form to get a result. In the previous tool this wasn’t the case.

I enjoyed this project but I did find it quite difficult. This was mainly because I had never worked with a framework before and I don’t think Polymer is a great framework to use fo the first time. What was difficult for example was that polymer doesn’t use states. So we had to keep all the input from the user into the local storage.
I do feel like I’ve learned a lot during this project. This definitely changed my mind about frameworks.

frontend-applications first img frontend-applications second img